Do You Know Where Your Title Is?

Do You Know Where Your Title Is?

If not, we can help

Transferring ownership or seeking registration of a vehicle is virtually impossible without the original title for it. A Defective Title Bond satisfies the California state requirement for registration/release of title. This process is somewhat lengthy and can be confusing. Trust Lorena Magana Insurance to guide you through the steps of applying for a Defective Title Bond. Our experienced agents will take the time with you to ensure you understand the process so you can legally register your vehicle with the state of California. Call today for more information.

Once your title is in order, let us insure your vehicle!

The same experts that help you obtain your Defective Title Bond can also help you with auto, home and business insurance. Call today to speak with an insurance agent in Bakersfield, Vasalia, or Porterville, CA, and request your free online quote anytime.

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